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Faire Fun April 25 – May 5, 2008

Creative Commons License photo credit: Clevergrrl
Tower at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

This is the first post of the new format. It’s been interesting writing it like this and I hope it makes it easy for you to find the things you’re interested in.


The Tulare Advance-Register ran a short article, “Celebrating the Renaissance,” about the Tulare County Renaissance Festival last weekend, including some pictures and comments from those who attended.

Capt Bryan Dunn, the Sage Lion, reviewed The Cutthroats of Corona Pirate Festival in his blog this week. It sounds like they had a good time in spite of the heat.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California is still in full swing at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale. Photographers KellyRy and SpaceLadyDMc spent a day out there and shared their pictures. They went out together, often took pictures of the same objects or people, and presented their results. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. The Faire is still offering advance purchase discount tickets.


The Georgia Renaissance Festival is in the middle of their run. The bit of rain last weekend didn’t keep faire enthusiasts away. Tartans will abound throughout the shire as they celebrate Scots & Kilts weekend. Discount tickets are available for printing at home, and much faster than standing in line at the ticket booth.


The Moscow Renaissance Fair, a two-day celebration of spring, takes place this weekend. Admission is free and there will be live entertainment, food, and crafts for kids and adults of all ages.


The 17th Annual Iowa Renaissance Festival and Gathering o’ Celts takes place this weekend at Amana Colonies, Iowa.


Students present the Martin Luther College Renaissance Faire in New Ulm, Minnesota. It’s a free event.


The 2008 “Faire Sur La Mer” or “Faire By The Sea” will be held Saturday May 3 and Sunday May 4, 2008. The Faire is a fundraising event for the St John’s Church of Ocean Spring, Mississippi. This faire is sometimes referred to as the Ocean Springs Renaissance Faire.


Joplin, Missouri, welcomed it’s newest event, the Joplin Renaissance Festival, this past weekend to a decent turn out in spite of cooler weather on Sunday. Butterfly Bill wrote a a comprehensive review of his attendance on Saturday.

New Hampshire

Plymouth State University held their 29th annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum this past weekend. Read more about it in “Once upon a time: Medieval festival is not just a lark for participants” By Geoff Cunningham, Jr.

New York

The Hudson Valley MayFaire is this weekend at the Ulster County Fairgrounds, in New Paltz. Neidfyre will be there, fresh back from Four Winds Renaissance Faire. Tell her we said Hi!

New York Renaissance Faire holds OPEN AUDITIONS on Fri, May 2 & Sat May 3 at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave, 16th floor, NYC. See the auditions page at the New York Renaissance Faire’s website for full details.


The Ashville Viking Fest was this past weekend. The weather looked a little iffy, according to some who attended, but cleared off before the end of the day. It was the first time in garb for many in that area and they said they’d had a good time.


The Castle of Muskogee will host the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival beginning this weekend and running through May 26th. Information about ticket prices, and how to get a discount, are available on the Hours & Prices page. You can also pick up a “$2.00 Off” coupon at Wendy’s.


Faire in the Grove, a one day event in Forest Grove, Oregon, took place last weekend. Reports indicate that it was a good time. The Forest Grove News Times published a story about two SCA members who help bring the Faire to life in “The Duke of Yamhill.”


Spoutwood Farm’s Fairie Festival will take place this weekend in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. The Harper and the Minstrel, will be there along with a wide assortment of other musical acts. This year, they are introducing a “Fairie Chautauqua” tent, offering a wide array of learning experiences about such things as fairies, fairie lore, and Celtic life and spirituality.


Covington Glen’s gates swing wide this weekend as the Tennessee Renaissance Festival opens for the first of four weekends. This is Family Celebration weekend with ticket discounts available at the box office only. Paolo Garbanzo, whose interview was posted this week, will be appearing.


Scarborough Renaissance Festival is in the middle of their run. Every weekend, His Grace, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk is holding his History, Customs, and Manners classes by the tree near the front gate just before morning court dance. Last weekend’s lecture “The Role of Women” included a section on women-in-service-of-other-women that an attendee reported was fascinating. This weekend’s lesson will be “Technology, medicine and pets!”


CamLann Medieval Village in Carnation, Washington will be celebrate MayDay with A Feast for May

Around the World:

There was a Faerie Folk Festival in Deal, Kent this past weekend and the World Fairy Festival Malaysia is this coming weekend

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  1. Comment by Allen Huffman | May 1, 2008

    W00t! Iowa got mentioned. It wasn’t too many years ago that we’d have as many as six renaissance festivals per year in Iowa. We’re not quite back to that level, but this year we’ll have Iowa Ren Fest, Sioux City Riverssance, Des Moines Ren Faire (3 weekends), and the new Dubuque Ren Fest (fundraiser for a museum). I think that’s all of them. That gets us back to six weekends, but not as many separate festivals.

    — Allen in Des Moines

  2. Comment by Escarlata | May 3, 2008

    *grinning* Glad to include you and we’d love to get an update on how Faire goes.

  3. Comment by Angela Rosa Dellamora | April 26, 2009

    Many thanks for your kind remarks about last year’s Faire in the Grove ( We’re back this year with a 3 day event this coming weekend, May 1 through May 3.

    Come see the Sherwood Renaissance Singers, Tobias the Inadequate, His Grace, the Duke of Yamhill, and many other sights and wonders to dazzle the eyes. Noble fighters, beauteous ladies, good ale, good company and good fun.

    Come to the Faire!

  4. Comment by Escarlata | April 29, 2009

    Welcome to FaireNews, Angela. I’m always glad to publish information about Faires all over the country. Your comment prompted today’s post about Faire In The Grove. Here’s to a great turnout in awesome weather.

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