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The "Have You Met?" series introduces you to some of the people who make Faire a joy!

Have you met Giacomo the Jester?

Whether walking the rope, singing a love song to a maiden in the lanes, or leading the band in to a resounding chorus, he brings a sense of wonder to everything he does. Always on the lookout for something new to learn, the jester has developed the talents necessary to sustain the renaissance traveler he is at heart. The quick-witted troubadour charms even the Queens of our Faire shires and they welcome him to their festivities and urge him to return safely from his travels. Let me introduce you to Giacomo the Jester. […]

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Faire Fun May 3-11, 2008

I found, as I researched today’s post, that I missed quite a few of the smaller college faires this past week. It’s spring and there may be more that I’ve not found reference to. If you know of one that I miss, please leave a comment with the information. California Auburn, California, will see Cain’s […]

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Faire Fun April 25 – May 5, 2008

photo credit: Clevergrrl Tower at the Georgia Renaissance Festival This is the first post of the new format. It’s been interesting writing it like this and I hope it makes it easy for you to find the things you’re interested in. California The Tulare Advance-Register ran a short article, “Celebrating the Renaissance,” about the Tulare […]

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Have you met Paolo Garbanzo?

Italian streams from his lips as he makes dinner plans with Giacomo and, for a moment, you wonder if you’ve been transported to one of the European festivals. Finished, he returns to your conversation, laughing easily as he turns the crab hat, a talisman against rain, repeatedly in his hands. Never still, he seems always to be scanning his surroundings for something to play with and you wonder how long it will be before he reaches in to a pouch and pulls out enough objects to form a pattern. Let me introduce you to Paolo Garbanzo. […]

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