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Tennessee Renaissance Faire opens May 7th

Tennessee Renaissance Faire opens in less than two weeks. They’ve announced their themes for each weekend and hope that you will join them for the fun! via @tnrenfest

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Tennessee RenFest cast auditions Feb 5, 2011

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival announced 2011 Cast Auditions are scheduled for February 5, 2011 via their Twitter feed this morning. @tnrenfest: Cast auditions for the 2011 season are Feb 5. More info here Cast Member Audition Information and a FB Event here Auditions for 2011 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

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Tennessee Renaissance Festival Auditions

Tennessee Just a quick reminder, auditions for cast of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival are next Saturday(February 7th) at Freeman Photography Studio (across from the festival grounds). They’re looking for Peasants, Nobility, Shakespearean Actors, Pirates, and Fairies. Call-backs and important information will be handled on Sunday, February 8th, and you need to be available both days […]

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2008 Tennessee Renaissance Festival – Opening Weekend Report

Friday night before opening day, Tennessee was drenched with almost four inches of rain and even a tornado in the northern portion, so it was with great delight that we woke to the end of the rain and promise of a fair day ahead. A Faire day indeed it was! By the time of official […]

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Faire Fun for June 27- July 7, 2008

California The Long Beach Pirate Invasion added a bit of excitement to a 10k Marathon Swim being held at the same time. To start the event, the Pirate chased the swimmers in to the surf with cutlasses waving and many a shout and snarl. Jeff Gritchen of the Press-Telegraph posted some great pictures of the […]

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Tennessee Cast gets kudos for Live Chess Match

Congratulations, Chess Team, looks like you’ve helped create another Ren-thusiast. My favorite thing though was the Human Chess Match. … And I was afraid the show would drag as the two sides actually played a chess match! Ha! I am rarely so pleased to be wrong. Taurus Rising gave a complete description of his first […]

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Faire fun for May 17-26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and many of the faires will open their gates all three days. The FaireNews crew will be at Tennessee Renaissance Festival for our Handfasting, as well as to participate in Ménage ‘Ette Trois and the 3rd RenDezvous. California Koroneburg European Old World Festival continues this weekend with a […]

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Playtron definition and a new (to me) Dictionary

Thanks to Genevieve Netz at the Prairie Bluestem blog, I was introduced to a new dictionary the other day. Genevieve attended the Tennessee Renaissance Festival on Mother’s Day and heard the word “playtron.” She used the Double Tongued Dictionary, “A lexicon of fringe English, focusing on slang, jargon, and new words,” to research the word […]

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Have you met Giacomo the Jester?

Whether walking the rope, singing a love song to a maiden in the lanes, or leading the band in to a resounding chorus, he brings a sense of wonder to everything he does. Always on the lookout for something new to learn, the jester has developed the talents necessary to sustain the renaissance traveler he is at heart. The quick-witted troubadour charms even the Queens of our Faire shires and they welcome him to their festivities and urge him to return safely from his travels. Let me introduce you to Giacomo the Jester. […]

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Faire Fun May 3-11, 2008

I found, as I researched today’s post, that I missed quite a few of the smaller college faires this past week. It’s spring and there may be more that I’ve not found reference to. If you know of one that I miss, please leave a comment with the information. California Auburn, California, will see Cain’s […]

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FaireNews crew has a new ride!

Well, we decided that we needed a new vehicle, something that got better gas mileage but still has room for all the things you have to take to Faire! After all, we have armor, swords, wedding dresses, and who knows what else to get in for our Tennessee Renaissance Festival trip. Anyway, I spent the […]

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Have you met Paolo Garbanzo?

Italian streams from his lips as he makes dinner plans with Giacomo and, for a moment, you wonder if you’ve been transported to one of the European festivals. Finished, he returns to your conversation, laughing easily as he turns the crab hat, a talisman against rain, repeatedly in his hands. Never still, he seems always to be scanning his surroundings for something to play with and you wonder how long it will be before he reaches in to a pouch and pulls out enough objects to form a pattern. Let me introduce you to Paolo Garbanzo. […]

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Tennessee Renaissance Festival First Weekend Family Celebration

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival is just around the corner and they’ve announced a very special ticket discount. *****Our Special Savings Offers***** May 3 & 4 First Weekend Family Celebration Discount 2 Regular Adult Tickets for $36.00 entitles you to 2 Additional Grandparent tickets free, and all the children in your family free. This discount is […]

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Looking Back at March 11-17, 2008

Kentucky’s Highland Renaissance Festival rescheduled open auditions for March 29 at the site. More details can be found in the Kentucky Forum thread “Auditions Take Three.” The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, which runs July 5 through August 10, announced their themed weekend schedule. Looks like fun for all. Kergan’s Renaissance Guild, a group of friends located in Northern […]

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Have you met Looney Lucy?

Moving quickly through the lanes, the slight form wrapped in tattered clothing always seems on a mission of some importance. On her way to offer her services as a fashion consultant to a courtier or for a quick tryst with her latest conquest, she comes to a quick stop at a wave or word from a passer-by. As she turns toward you, the quick grin and cloverleaf affixed to her nose erase any doubt that you might have found the wrong bag lady. Let me introduce you to Looney Lucy. […]

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Have you met Tom “Red” Zadoyko?

Striding across the festival grounds, oar banner in hand, the redheaded pirate grins at the ladies, throws jibes at the gents, and encourages the little ones to run away and join his crew. On stage later with his partner, he puts his wits and cutlass to work charming the audience. The roars of laughter at their escapades create the euphoria that is like nothing else in the world for him. Let me introduce you to Tom “Red” Zadoyko. […]

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