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PubSing at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival

Bay Area RenFest holds PubSing to close each day … How does your Faire close?

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Our BARF Season so far

We’re six weeks through the seven week season and, so far, we’ve attended six days of a possible ten. We know we’ll be back out for closing weekend. Attending this often would not be possible without a wonderful friend who provides a place to crash and our Season Passes. BA generously opens his home to […]

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Put BARF on your resume

Florida If you missed the first casting call for the Bay Area Renaissance Festival (BARF), you’ve not lost your chance. There’s one more round of auditions scheduled for December 20th, 10:00am – 2:00pm at the Bay Area RenFest Site, 46th St & Fowler Avenue, Tampa. They are looking for actors, dancers, musicians, jugglers and specialty […]

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Bay Area Renaissance Festival – Open Auditions for 2009 Season

Florida A casting call has been put up for anyone wanting to audition for the 2009 Bay Area Renaissance Festival season. Seeking performers of all types for the cast of the 2009 Bay Area Renaissance Festival. An interactive improvisational troupe will make up the village characters, filling the lanes and environments of the festival and […]

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Have you met Caroline Jett?

Stopping in the lane, she listens intently as the children greet her. She asks her brother to provide the little boy with instruction in proper courtly behavior. Turning to the little girl, she explains to the child that jewels are always a good thing, holding out one of her own hands to show off her rings as the other reaches to a lady-in-waiting for a token to share. With the gift in hand, she presents a small gold-tone band to the child for a start on her own collection. On another day, she leads a motley pirate crew through the streets in a celebration of madness, mayhem, and rum tasting, charming wenches and picaroons with her salty ways. Whether playing Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Katherine Parr, or Anne Bonny the Pirate, she charms old and young alike. Let me introduce you to Caroline Jett. […]

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Renaissance Woodworkers have a new place to talk

In mid-May, Charles Mallett created a new Yahoo group for professional and amateur woodworkers who devote some or all of their work to the Renaissance Faire market. Mr. Mallett, known officially at Faire as Master Thelonious Hieronymous Erasmus Eostrebunni, is called “Bunny” by his friends. The list, Ren Faire Beavers, is open to wood turners, […]

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Have you met Susan Griffin?

Bouncy and vivacious, her blond hair up in artful wisps and tails with feathers and tassels woven in, her features accented by the swirls of color, it’s easy to fall under her spell. No matter which faire she’s at, years of experience have helped hone her knowledge of the perfect location to draw the attention of young and old alike. With a few touches of the brush, she draws you in to the fantasy, starting the day off by bringing out the beauty that hides in us all. Let me introduce you to Susan Griffin, proprietor of Face Paint Emporium. […]

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Looking forward to April 4-10, 2008

The University of Oklahoma Medieval Faire, also known as the Norman Medieval Faire, is this weekend only and offers some great entertainment and over 200 artisans. It looks like there’s great weather on tap for the event. The University Film and Video Studies program, in conjunction with the Medieval Faire, is presenting a Medieval Film […]

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Looking back March 24-30, 2007

Dinner Impossible will air Medieval Mayhem again beginning April 2. In that episode, Robert Irvine cooks for the King and court at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The schedule and recipes can be found at the website. Upper Canada Medieval Festival, June 13-15 in Morrisburg, Ontario is calling for vendors. Scarborough Renaissance Festival held its annual […]

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Looking forward to March 28 – April 3, 2008

There are lots of things happening this weekend. You’ll see many a first greeting or parting hug as performers audition for upcoming casts and Faires open or close the gates for the season. Auditions: The Shakespeare and Friends Renaissance Faire auditions occur on Friday, March 28, 2008 at 6:00pm on the Eastern Tennessee State University […]

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Looking forward to March 21-27, 2008

Arizona Renaissance Festival, Bay Area Renaissance Festival, and Four Winds Renaissance Faire continue this weekend with Easter celebrations predominating. The Mount Hope Winery and Estate’s Swashbuckler Pyrate Feast (Friday & Saturday nights from April 4 – April 19) tickets are on sale. The advantage to buying advance tickets before March 27th is that they’re giving […]

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Looking Back at March 11-17, 2008

Kentucky’s Highland Renaissance Festival rescheduled open auditions for March 29 at the site. More details can be found in the Kentucky Forum thread “Auditions Take Three.” The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, which runs July 5 through August 10, announced their themed weekend schedule. Looks like fun for all. Kergan’s Renaissance Guild, a group of friends located in Northern […]

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Looking forward to March 14-21, 2008

Auditions & Job Fairs: Geulph Faery Festival in Ontario, Canada, will hold open auditions on Monday, March 17th. Workshops: Multi Guild Workshop Weekends are two-day events held in Central California, (Ventura County) two to three times a year. Reenactment groups from all over come together to forge new relationships, provide great hands on education, and […]

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Have you met Looney Lucy?

Moving quickly through the lanes, the slight form wrapped in tattered clothing always seems on a mission of some importance. On her way to offer her services as a fashion consultant to a courtier or for a quick tryst with her latest conquest, she comes to a quick stop at a wave or word from a passer-by. As she turns toward you, the quick grin and cloverleaf affixed to her nose erase any doubt that you might have found the wrong bag lady. Let me introduce you to Looney Lucy. […]

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Looking Back at March 2 – 10, 2008

Working at Faire: Good luck to all those that interviewed or auditioned for Midsummer Renaissance Festival (Pennsylvania) and Scarborough Renaissance Festival (Texas) this past weekend, I hope your dreams come true. For those in Kentucky, I’ll let you know as soon as I see an update on the audition schedule for the Kentucky Renaissance Festival. […]

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Have you met Tom “Red” Zadoyko?

Striding across the festival grounds, oar banner in hand, the redheaded pirate grins at the ladies, throws jibes at the gents, and encourages the little ones to run away and join his crew. On stage later with his partner, he puts his wits and cutlass to work charming the audience. The roars of laughter at their escapades create the euphoria that is like nothing else in the world for him. Let me introduce you to Tom “Red” Zadoyko. […]

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Looking back at February 23-March 3, 2008

Porter and Stout had an outstanding turnout Thursday, Feb 28th, at the Claddagh Irish Pub for the recording of their new Live CD. Both musicians commented on how much they appreciated their fans. Those who were able to attend Owain Phyfe’s appearance at Down Under Wines on the 28th say that it was nice and […]

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Looking Forward to February 28 – March 6, 2008

February 28 Porter and Stout will record a live CD tonight. See my earlier post for full details. Looks like there will be a contingent there from the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival as well as those who are local from the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. Good luck to Porter & Stout; may the crowd be overwhelming, […]

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